Traffic accident

We specialize in traffic accident reconstruction. We work with the most up-to-date techniques, with scientific and ethical rigor. Collisions, run overs, tachographs, EDR, etc.

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Mechanical examinations

Machines, vehicles or industrial equipment failures: identification and documentation, incident scene, visible damage, failure analysis, photographic documentation, tests and simulations, etc.

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Forensic examination on images

Image enhancement, distortion correction, tamper checking, facial recognition, height determination. We check chain of custody and data integrity.

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Forensic examination on audio

Audio enhancement, filtering, tamper checking, speaker comparison, derecording. We check chain of custody and data integrity.

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Niewtun ® Photo

Image analysis and photogrammetry software for height measurement, traffic accidents, ballistics, etc.

Niewtun ® CRC

Software for analyzing traffic events such as braking, collisions, run-overs, etc.


Portable inductive scanner for images of steel bars embedded in concrete, with a depth of up to 90 mm.


Force measurement, motion analysis, structural simulations, thermal and CFD simulations, 3D printing, among others.

About us
Success stories

In conjunction with defense lawyers, we contribute to successful outcomes in hundreds of cases, including Lavajato Operation, Caixa de Pandora Operation, and various other highly complex cases.

Shared values

Respect for the privacy of our customers and users. We work with ethics, respect for the others, and the best practices for reaching out the results.


Provide our customers with innovative solutions. We seek to be internationally recognized for quality and innovation.


Please send a brief description of your needs and we will respond quickly to discuss how we can help!

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